Stationary Application

The reforming technology developed and patented by SES - HyDepot can also be used for realizing a stationary hydrogen storage system with a high storage density and high energy efficiency at nearly any location.

Bunkering of hydrogen in the storage system


In the methanol synthesis module hydrogen (H₂) generated by electrolysis with renewably produced electricity is synthesized to methanol with high energy efficiency by means of carbon dioxide (CO₂) from the storage system.


Synthesized methanol (CH₄O) is stored in the storage system bivalently usable for methanol or carbon dioxide.

Release of hydrogen from the storage system


Methanol (CH₄O) is withdrawn from the bivalent storage system and is decomposed into hydrogen (H₂) and liquid carbon dioxide (CO₂) in the methanol reforming module in accordance with a patented process.


The released hydrogen (H₂) can supply industrial processes of can be used in the transport sector (trucks, busses and railway)


The released liquid carbon dioxide (CO₂) is bunkered in the bivalently usable storage system