Maritime Application

SES - HyDepot is developing a methanol steam reforming technology for space and energy-efficient storage of hydrogen (H₂). This technology allows to run large scale ships with a high energy consumption on green hydrogen, generated by using stationary renewable energy sources (wind, solar power).


The ship is provided with Methanol (CH₄O). The onshore storage tanks as well as those on the ship can be used bivalently for bunkering both methanol and liquid carbon dioxide (CO₂).


By using the patented SES-HyDepot-reforming technology the onboard bunkered methanol (CH₄O) is decomposed into liquid carbon dioxide (CO₂) and gaseous hydrogen (H₂). The hydrogen can be combusted in a fuel cell or an internal combustion engine for generating propulsion energy for the ship.


The liquid carbon dioxide (CO₂) is returned to an onshore methanol synthesis module and is there used for the generation of methanol by means of hydrogen (H₂).


In this way a storage system for hydrogen can be build up, in which carbon dioxide (CO₂) serves as hydrogen carrier and which is characterized by a closed carbon loop and by a high energy efficiency!